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. we are following the latest on the deadly blizzard that bombarded the northeast, leaving people snowed in, stranded, cold, and in the dark. >> plus, a maryland university on alert after a string of armed robberies on and off campus. >> plus, celestual close call. we're talking about nasa about an asteroid passing by earth this week s. it too close for -- is it too close for comfort? i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm laura evans. we have deadly coverage on the nor'easter that blasted new
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england. we're going to start in massachusetts among the hardest hit areas. much of the state right now is dealing with these blizzard- like conditions. hurricane-force winds and nearly two feet of snow in many areas. some places saw as much as three feet of snow. massachusetts governor duvall patrick called for the first- first ban on traffic in 35 years. right now, about 400,000 people are in the dark. officials believe that number will go up as the day progresses. in connecticut two feet of snow reported in parts of the area there. state officials say one person died because the storm, because of the storm in connecticut. the governor declare a state of emergency in highway traffic being -- and highway travel is being banned there. state utility workers are on standby and planning for up to 30% of the customers to lose power. nearly 1,000 state and private snow plows are clearing the road. >> and michael bloomberg said his state dodged a bullet. one person in upstate new york died in the blizzard; how much, mayor bloomberg said things
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could have been worse in the buros. all the major roadways are plowed and open and the city streets should be cleared by the end of the day. overnight, a foot of snow dumped on the big apple. some parts of eastern long island got up to 30 inches of snow. >> is any now a picture of what is happening in the weather world. gwen tolbert has been tracking the latest on the storm and changes in our forecast here. >> reporter: we dodged the bullet on this one and into the northeast, as you mentioned and taking a major hit. we'll look at radar and show you what is happening now can you see areas of northeastern maine dealing with a lot of snow there. other than that, it's dealing with the canadian maritime. other than, that not much is happening. the winds are strong, however, and that is causing an issue. as we go to the weather map, let's look at what is happening here at home.
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the satellite radar composite showing you we have some clearing skies as a ridge of high pressure starts building in for us and there is not a lot of activity. did we ever deal with strong winds? thing are improving search. and that is some winds from six to 13 miles an hour sustained. we have wind gusts, however, and not as bad as they were right now for 22 to 24 miles an hour and we saw wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour in some neighs. 39 degrees at d.c.; 35 at baltimore and 37, dulles. we have a clear night and 26 degrees and some changes coming up in the forecast. i will have the details later. back to you. >> thank you, glen. the blizzard is taking a toll on travelers. the nor'easter forced airports in new york city and boston to close with some airlines canceling flights today and jfk is back open and they remain closed. amtrak trains are the new york
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boston routes will also stay closed. and the travel impact is being felt here in the d.c. region. lauren did marco has the latest on the impact here. >> reporter: at this point, boston-logan airport is closed, bradley international in hartford is closed, although they were going to be reassessing at 6:00 p.m., shortly, hopefully, we will have an update and see if they're reopening to traffic. in new york, most of the airports have reopened; however, there were still plenty of cancellations and delays and we saw cancellations to planes in i slip and to providence and portland, maine. and there are delays into canada and we're in tellinal a here at reagan airport interest airport -- terminal a here. there are delays to toronto and
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ottawa and we're told there were plenty of people upset. the folks we tacked to were not too upset. you want to be safe and you have to roll with it during the times with the weather. there is a flight leaving for ottawa and that is scheduled for 7. happy they were going to get out of here and we saw it move up to 730time. and toronto is delayed at this point and that is what we're seeing and other than that, we spoke with the airport authority and it's a lot of the equipment they have to pull after of the runways prior to the snowstorm and once they clear the snow off, they have to bring that back and get the flight crews back and dealing with that here. that is the latest from reagan national. back to you at the studio. >> and thank you very much. coming up, we have a live report from massachusetts with an update -- a live report from massachusetts. can you track the winter weather 24/7 with the fox 5 weather app and we're always -- we're always on. log on for more information.
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following breaking news out of maryland. the 14-year-old admits to beating his infant center. he was watching his seven-month- old sister on thursday night at their apartment in white oak. the teenager told police he beat his sister because she was crying. he then covered her mouth and notices with the hands until she stopped crying. they're fa he's being held without bond on first-degree murder charges tonight. and a police-involved shooting. i want to tell you about, it left one woman dead. officials say police fired their guns at a woman who lunged at them with the knife. this happened in the hallway of the apartment building in the 4200 block of 53rd avenue in bladensberg and the woman was taken to prince georges hospital center where she died. the three officers are on administrate of leave while the case is being investigated. a string of armed robberies on and off campus at the university of maryland has people there on edge. no one has been injured but
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police believe handguns were used in three of the incidents. john henrehan has more on the details. john. >> reporter: and in that fourth incident, police believe it was a phony gun used. there has been an arrest in that attempted robbery, but the three other armed robbery cases, including the one on campus, remain open. the recent spate of robberies occurred one and off of the university of maryland college camps. the most recontribute happened off campus at 11:20 friday night. according to the prince georges county police, three people were walking on lakeland road east of rhode island avenue when they crossed paths with two men. the two men came up behind them and each pulled out a handgun. they robbed two of the three victims. police say the suspects fled on foot heading eastbound on lakeland running toward the train tracks. the county and campus police flooded into the area and that were unable to find the two suspects. on thursday night, a female victim was robbed on campus.
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it happened in parking lot kk, which is behind the chemical nuclear engineering building. a man wearing baggy jeans, a dark-hooded sweatshirt and a face covering pulled out a handgun and took cash, gift cards, and are the personal property from the woman before fleeing down paint branch drive. again, because of the gun being involved both county and campus police searched the area, including with a canine unit but the suspect got away. the campus police are currently reviewing the video gathered by nearby security cameras and have not released pictures to the media. another armed robbery happened in the early hours of tuesday morning off campus and police say a female student walking from the metro stop toward route 1 was accosted by a masked gunman who demanded and got money from the victim. the suspect was last scene walking toward the metro. it was an offcampus robbery
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attempt on sunday, january gone th, around 1 in the afternoon and the university of maryland student was accosted in the common area inside the huge varsity apartment complex on route 1. and he was accosted by a man displaying what appeared to be a fake handgun. the assailant was trying to get the student's computer but the student fought back and another person intervened forcing the assailant to flee. the county police subsequently arrested the 21-year-old diamont ianen toio spearman of college park, who police say confessed to crime. >> and three of the four cases are insolled and including the handgun on campus and that is a rare event, happens a couple of times a year. our online story has more information explaining the assailants and brines georges -- prince georges county police hope someone will call in a tip. >> thank you, john henrehan.
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a stabbing at a metro stop. a metro spokesperson started arguing at 2 a.m. and the altercation became physical when one man and woman were/ed with an -- slashed with an unknown object. we both went to the hospital with the -- to the head and police are investigating. still ahead -- . >> all the way to always. >> and massachusetts was not digging their way out from record snowfall. after the break, we're going to foxboro for a live report and a former cop with suspected killer is still on the run. we have the latest on the manhunt out west as the news at 6 continues. 
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the monster new england blizzard might be open but the cleanup just began. workers across the east coast are struggling to get airports, trains, and highways. bob ward is in foxboro tonight. one of the hardest hit areas.
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good evening, bob. where can you tell us about the latest conditions there? >> reporter: i can tell you, we got a bull's eye on our back here in massachusetts with the blizzard of 2013. i'm in foxboro, massachusetts, we're a mile south of gillette stadium where the patriots play to give you an idea where we are. all of the snow, you see here, you got over two feet of snow, all of the snow fell in the blizzard. before the blizzard started yesterday, we were down to bare ground and it was kind of a mild winter for us in new england. this all fell in one day. slowly, we're getting back to normal. the governor here in massachusetts had ordered the highways, all of the roads, in massachusetts, shut down before the blizzard hit and that turned out to be a wise move because the highways have all been plowed and they're down to bare pavement. they have since been reopened and people are station off of the roads. we're dealing with things like flooding, we're dealing with
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power outages and the blizzard of 2013 hit and hit hard and we're starting to fight back. >> we're hearing four people died during the course the storm and what can you tell us about that? particularly, a young boy, one of the victims there? >> so tragic, maureen, in boston this morning. the 12-year-old boy was out helping his dad shovel snow in the dorchester section of boston, and he got cold, so we asked the dad for the keys, went in the car to heat up but the car was backed into a snow bank and covered up the tail pipe to the car and the boy suffered carbon mop ox ice poisoning and there was a report in another man in the car running in the mattapan section of boston and they're still looking into that and that is one of those things. co is a silent killer and that is such a tragic thing. the fire marshal is warning
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people to clear up the vents. such a sad reminder. >> it is. and behind your shot, i see people moving on the roads there. are people getting out and about, a bit better today, is it advicable for them to get out now or should they still hunker down and wait until officials are able to clear things better? >> reporter: they have done a really good job hitting up the roads. it's a good question you ask me. on the other side of me is the police barracks and i asked how things are going. when the ban was lifted at 4:00, a lot of people went out and it's almost like they went out to drive and into crashes out there. nothing serious and they were forgetting. it's cold out here, the roads are icing over. we're new englanders and know how to drive in this stuff but still, sometimes people forget that, especially when they're off of the road for 24 hours. >> and it happens here, too. when we get a big snowfall. bob ward from boston, thank you for that live update. >> okay.
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>> and stay warm. the manhunt continues for a former cop who is a suspected killer. officers searching cabins at big bear lake is a popular southern california resort. they're hoping to track down christopher dorner. fox's dominic dinateli has more. >> reporter: it's day three of the biggest manhunt in the west of the united states that has ever seen. the hunt for christopher dorner continues here at big bear lake. an additional 24 deputies from the san bernardino county sheriff's office. they asked not just helping with the mountain efforts and in the neighborhoods around here and residents bunkered in for a second night of corn and the suspected killer in their mid-of the -- midst. the s.w.a.t. teams took to the mountain wearing camouflage and snow masks. they continue to search the 200 or so cabins in an eight square mile area that the authorities believe that dorner could be in. >> there is a possibility that he is out here and that is why we're out here searching.
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>> what about the possibilities -- [ indiscernible ] >> that is possible, too. the possibility exists that he is here somewhere in the forest and so we're going to keep looking as the sheriff said, until we determine that he is ---by-not here. >> reporter: the beautiful blue skies that have broken over the big bell air -- big bear lake area will be a huge help to the efforts, after yesterday's intense snow that left almost a foot on the grown across the area. that was one of the reasons why we didn't get searching overnight as we had seen previously on thursday evening. it means the helicopters can return to the sky and increase the area of where they can actually search using thermal technology to try and identify or pinpoint where exactly dorner is. the authorities admit they still have no confirming a that he is indeed, on the mountain and they will continue to look for him until they have proof that he has left the area or indeed they actually find him n. big bear lake, california,
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dominic dinatili, fox news. first lady michelle obama attended the funeral of a 15- year-old girl in chicago today. she paid her respects to the teenager who was killed a few days after performing with her high school band at the presidential inauguration. the police say pendelton was an innocent victim in a gang- related shooting. the first lady met privately with the family before church services. an amish bishop sentenced to 15 years in prison. a federal jury convicted samuel muletas spirs, hate crimes, obstruction and lying to federal agents. he organized the series of violent beard and haircutting attacks on victims who he said ignored the bishop and his teachings. before sentenceing, mullet told the judge he was ready to receive punishment for everyone involved. and last november, residents in washington state voted to legalize marijuana. now the state's crime lab is having to make changes. the state patrol lab had been testing the drug the same way for the last 40 years, but, testing for now is on hold.
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the lab may need more workers and a new machine, which could cost over 1$00,000. the workers hope to have new protocols in place by march 1st. >> the new law. we can't call this marijuana until we have tested the amount of thc present. and we're not set up to do that yet. >> the new law defines something as marijuana only if it contains .3% of it, hc. anyone over 21 years can possess up to an ounce of marijuana in the state and it's illegal to have anymore than. that. still to come, a washingtonian whose legacy of giving will live on because of a incredible donation for a wonderful cause. and speaking of causes, find out why more than 1,000 scanned scantily clad runners hit the pavement in d.c. today. and if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tipline. the number on the screen is 202- 895-3,000 or send an e-mail to 
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a renewed push for the washington redskins to change their name. the issue was front and center yesterday during a symposium at the smithsonians national museum of the american indian. we asked our facebook fans do you think the name is offensive or is it tradition? giles go gill issue y said quote, it's not race of the but honoring
6:23 pm
the american indians. they were fierce competitors, honorable warriors and people to be rememberd. jennifer du in, n said, quote, part of tradition, it comes up every few years and is ridiculous. and if native americans are offended, the answer obvious. when a 100-year-old washingtonian passed away last year, few people had no idea what type of impact he would leave behind. he willed $28 million to a local organization to help those in need and another $15 million to the national symphony orchestra and the washington national opera. fox 5s matt ackland has more on the kind-hearted man who never sought any attention. >> reporter: richard herman never wanted the spotlight. he probably wouldn't have cared much for the big press conference held because of his jep rosst. >> and i used the word shy. i think that is accurate. he was the opposite of -- >> his cousin betsy paul said herman lived here at the watergate for man years.
6:24 pm
much of his for tune was passed down from his father. he rarely splurged on things. the one exception, the stingray corvette. >> i love the images of him in the car. >> reporter: he had deep roots here in d.c. d.c. a native washingtonion ian, he lived a long life here. born in 1912 in northwest. he went to d.c. central high school. that is -- he is now known as cardozo. >> in his will, he bequeathed $28 million family matters. [ applause ] >> reporter: the jaw-dropping amount came as a huge surprise to the non-profit family matters of greater washington. it's one of the nation's oldest social services organizations. the gift from herman was almost three times the annual budget of the organization dedicated to disadvantaged children, families, and seniors. >> for something like this to
6:25 pm
happen is absolutely extraordinary. >> he had mentioned that he hoped there would be some fund he might be able to help establish so that d.c. kids who otherwise couldn't afford nice clothes to prom or graduation, that that might be taken care of. >> reporter: mr. herman had great love for the performing arts. from his watergate condo, he would often visit the kennedy center next door to see the symphony and opera. in the end, his last gifts were to those who lied in the city he love -- lived in the city he loved and those who gave him great pleasure. >> reporter: think it's a wonderful story that he could live quietly in his death and making a great impact. >> reporter: in the district, matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> remarkable. >> yeah. absolutely. and we certainly are grateful foot to have what is going on in the northeast. but, boy. >> a lot happening there. >> yeah. >> we dodged the bull the. today was not bad -- the bull
6:26 pm
the. today was not bad. >> yeah. great. all of the trees. >> yes. >> and people lost power. >> and we have some clear skies tonight across our area and there is no precipitation to talk about. the winds are improving. i am happy to tell you that and that is a far cry from where we were in the wind department and look at radar and this is showing you where the storm system is now that battled its way up the atlantic and off the coast and is still leaving a little bit in the wake of it and that is pushing into the canadian maritime. parts of maine getting a break and some other areas in the northeast. the winds are strong through here and i checked bangor, maine, airport. fifty degrees with wind chills feeling like it's minus 3. and still, areas of the northeast and they have a lot to do to
6:27 pm
shovel their way out of this. let's go to our weather maps and this is where we are. as i mentioned, clearing skies and not a lot to talk b. the ridge of high pressure currently in control for us across the area and we did mention the winds and how strong they were. look at what we got today. 43 miles per hour wind gusts at national. 46 at baltimore and 55 at dulles. and i know you felt the winds out there today and that made it feel cold as well and that was another issue. right now the winds are calming down finally. the wind gusts are sustaind at 15 to 20 miles an hour across the area and we have wind gusts up to 22 in d.c., 17 at culpepper and the same at gaithersburg and we're going to finally get the calming counsel into the course of tonight and get the break. the current temperatures across the region and into some 30s. 31 at annapolis and baltimore and up the mid-atlantic, 19 in boston and some strong winds still and seeing some
6:28 pm
windchills, 29 at new york city and tonight's planner. wins are light. we'll feel colder and have some windchills, but our winds have been light in the course of tonight and there is that cold night. and into the course of the weekend, we'll have some sunshine and ending with some precipitation. and so -- . >> we'll let you know what is going to happen there and there are changes coming up in my fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. >> that's right. >> i want to let people know about a great fun run happening tomorrow. walt whitman high school in bethesda. a red rush 5k fun run and walk tomorrow. >> yeah. >> and the leukemia lymphoma society has a challenge for high schools across the nation to raise money and awareness. >> oh, good. >> and for this issue and walt whitman is the number two fundraiser, fund raising high school in the nation. >> wow. >> and sir johnson is the number one. and whitman is number two. they're in a fierce competition. >> good. >> and whitman has their fun run walk tomorrow and it's not too late to soon up. tomorrow morning at 8:30 and go
6:29 pm
to whitman red rush for more information. starts and ends at whitman in bethesda. >> and maybe we can get that on the website, too and they can take part. >> yeah. >> and that is going to runners took their mark in southeast this afternoon. the cupid undy run. participants were on a 1 1/2- mile run past the capital and supreme court n. this weather? it was a good cause and afternoon hear -- after hearing of the deadly disease, called neurofibromatosis, chad leather recruited two college friends to help raise awareness about that disease. four years later, the race raised over 1 ms. andna is for the children's -- $1 million that is for the children's tumor foundation. >> we didn't want to do the basic 5k or walkathon&but something that stood out and made a difference.
6:30 pm
he came with this idea for a run and wrangled me into it and here we are four years later. >> way to go. cupid's undy run expanded to 17 cities across the nation, including australia over the last three years. good to see that happen. still ahead on fox 5,el isestual close call. -- celestial close call. tracking an asteroid. should we be worried? we're going to sit down with someone from nasa to explain it all coming up. (woman) 3 days of walking to givive a breast cancer survir a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo!
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you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful
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>> the stom is canceling over 5500 flights in the area. travel bans remain in effect in some locations. in new york, more than 100 cars were stranded along the long island expressway. despite the weather, though, some residents are enjoying the winter wonderland. >> we were going to drive in the country. >> to get out later will be the saucers and sleds, i remember what it was like to be 6 again. >> the national weather service estimates 30 million people are dealing with a foot of snow and 11 million dealing with two feet of snow. the pentagon is facing massive budget cuts in the coming weeks and if congress fails to act, a series of cuts will be made to the u.s.
6:34 pm
military's defense capabilities. >> reporter: during a fall debate, president obama said the is quester, quote, will not happen. but now his white house was saying domestic programs will be cut 9% and military programs will be cut 13% this year. unless congress takes action. >> putting our fiscal house in order calls for a balanced approach and not indiscriminate cuts that can have a severe impact our military preparedness. >> reporter: for the balanced approach, republicans think they gave a lot of ground during fiscal cliff negotiations, a spokesman for speaker boehner said the president got the higher taxes on the wealthy last month with no corresponding cuts. the tax issue is resolved and spends is the problem still. meanwhile, military leader are sounding the alarm. >> instead of being a first- rate power in the world, we turn into a second-rate power. that would be the result of the sequester. >> reporter: the white house said tell be to food inspections, customer service
6:35 pm
at irs and emergency unemployment compensation benefits. republican buck mckeon said i don't doubt that important domestic programs will be in jeopardy if sequester falls in march. our military is in jeopardy today to consider deeper cuts to the military now as a way to solve a financial crisis driven by entitlement programs and that is both irresponsible and up acceptable. peter singer from the brookings institute said right now the u.s. spends 40 cents of every dal dollar of military spending on earth and if the sequester kicks in, that would drop to 38 cents. peter duty deucey, fox news. all new tonight, a celestial close call. talking about the 2012da asteroid that will pass earth. it will some so close into the earth, it will come into orbit with some of our communication satellites. there is no reason to worry. joining us now to talk about this is the assistant director
6:36 pm
for science of communications at nasa goddard space flight center. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> and thank you, laura, good to be here. >> will there be any indication to us? what will we be able to see if anything? >> reporter: this is completelyp visible to the naked eye. for two reasons, one, it's a tiny, faint object and happened at 2:00 in the afternoon eastern standard time. >> uh. >> that is in the middle of the day. we're facing the wrong way. >> and we talked about it being in the orbit with our communication serves. any disruption with those services? >> oh, no, not at all. the farthest away communication satellites we have are 22,000 miles away from the surface of the earth. this particular little asteroid is passing about 17,000 miles away from earth and that is inside where some of our communication satellites are and that is going at a completely different angle. most of our satellites tend to rotate above the equator of the earth and this is passing from the south to the north and that is not going into orbit around the earth and ha is not going
6:37 pm
to disrupt anything but will be an interesting chance to see it pass by. >> how unique is this and how significant is it for scientists? >> this is the largest asteroid making the closest approach that we know of. it's saying that we have been able to detect asteroids this small the last 10 years or so and we estimate a past like this happens once every 40 years or so. that is not a unique event, but the first we have had a chance to observe and know it's coming. >> and you said that is happening during the day. we won't be able to see much. is there a way to see it on a certain telescope that, you know, somebody who gets really excited about something like this would be able to see something? >> well, if you actually were in the 19 night part of the earth, eastern or asia, you could set your telescope to track this across the sky. it's going to move fast. it actually is going to pass through about two times -- times the size of the full moon every minute. you would have to have your telescope especially set up to track this thing across the sky. i am sure there are amateur astronomers hoping to do that.
6:38 pm
>> exciting. thank you for bringing some details to us about this. we look forward to it. >> good to be here. thank you. >> thanks. coming up, there are a lot of ways to say i love on you valentine's day. for many, it's getting a special stamp from a small town in colorado sealing that special card with a mark of love. we'll have that story. stay with us. 
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6:40 pm
. for years now, lovers around the world have been sending their valentine cards to loveland, colorado, for a special staff. who are the cupids of the cards? here's more on that. >> reporter: te qu, ro, te amo, a few ways to say i love you. another way is to have coupid say it for you. for 67 years and going strong, loveland, colorado, has been stamping the mark of amore. >> and 60 volunteers come and stamp personal valentines to send all over the world. >> reporter: over 150,000
6:41 pm
letters of love will be stamped with the coveted cache. >> sending wishes the old- fashioned way. >> reporter: the valentine volunteers work tirelessly and making sure all the cards are sealed with a kiss. who are the cupids of the cards? >> my name is chester goodheart, i have been stamping for 20 years. >> 16 years. >> how long you gone been doing this? >> 11 years. >> rookie. >> for two weeks out of the year, they share their lives with us in this room and sometimes four to six hours a day, right? >> right. >> and when it comes to advisor matters of the heart, you couldn't find more wisdom in one room. >> and that is working hard at it. don't give up. respect and love. >> and take everything with a grain of salt. >> unless you're on a low- sodium diet. >> that is true. >> what is the secret? >> secret? >> love. >> i have nothing to add to that.
6:42 pm
>> very, very cute. coming up tonight on fox 5 news at 6, a bizarre bird encounter. a florida woman hits an owl while driving. find out how the big bird was rescued. coming up. a great car interior? stop lking at car interiors. get inspired by other stuff. yep. yep. ok. sure. why not? woah. touchscreens. put that in your dash. now, luxury stuff. make your seats like that. that thing has wifi, why doesn't your car? you can't do that. ignore that guy. give it wifi. yes! make it fit 5 people. no, 5 actual sized people. give them leg room, good. destroy boring car interiors forever. and that's how you do it. easy. ♪
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. an owl has been freed after being stuck in the grill of an suv for several days. amazingly, the bird was not
6:45 pm
hurt. fox's kevin uzbeck has more on the rescue. >> i'm about to faint. >> reporter: and that is because when she looks into the grill of her suv, she sees these huge yellow blinking eyes. >> i have never experienced anything like this before in my life. >> reporter: your eyes are not deceiving you. you're looking at an owl stuck inside her suv. thursday night, williams was heading south on the florida turnpike. >> i was driving about 60 miles an hour. he never moved and so, i said oh, my god, i hit a bird and i felt so bad. it was very dark, we didn't pull over. >> reporter: she had no clue the bird she hit flew through her grill. the owl strike happened not too far from yeehaw junction in
6:46 pm
florida and continued south to the plantation to visit her son. the entire time, he had to tag along. it was not until friday afternoon while running errands in south florida, she knew the owl was caged in her suv. >> there was a family that pulled in front of my parking space and flagged me down and said don't move, don't move. you have something in the grill of your truck and i said yes and i said what is it. they said it's an owl. i said an owl? >> pop the hood for me? >> reporter: she called florida fish and wildlife and an officer popped the hood and freed the bird. turned out it's a great horned all, common in central florida. >> look at it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that is because williams said she feels guilty for hitting it, but the officer said the owl appears to be in good shape. still, though, he took it to a vet center in fort lauderdale. now, vets will closely examine the owl and figure out if it needs any medical treatment. in fort lauderdale, kevin uzbeck, 7 news. >> what an incredible picture. >> yeah. >> and i have seen weird stories in my time. that rates up from. >> yeah. >> and didn't panic. >> yeah. >> and -- . >> all right. >> hitched a ride. a long one at that. and talk about panic over the winds we had last night. >> uh. >> and whether -- uh-huh. >> and whether to the north of
6:47 pm
us. >> the winds are really, really gusty here. i know i felt them and that woke me up last night. i am sure many of you felt them as well and this is that beautiful shot outside. quite a bit of improvement, though, clear skies across the area and the winds are finally starting to gradually die down. in the northeast, the system is moving off of the coast and pushing its way into the canadian maritimes, actually, but maine is still feeling the affects of it here and strong winds there. i checked and 38 miles an hour wind gusts there, the temperatures in the teens with windchills in about minus 3 right now and that is a good indication of what everyone is dealing with. here at home, things are calmer and quieter. we're not seeing that and we dodged the bullet, as far as that storm is concerned and we have to thank our lucky stars. and winds are improving across our area and that is a cold night ahead. also, some sunshine as we start
6:48 pm
out on sunday and some disturbances we have to keep an eye on and this is a look at slight -- satellite radar compositiveit and there is not a lot to show you composite here and that is not a lot to show for tonight. 43 miles an hour wind gusts is what we hit at reagan national airport today and 46 at bwi thurgood marshal and look at dulles and many saw winds in the range of the numbers as well and some things are improving and some wind gusts here and there, not much and 22 to d.c. and into gaithersburg and into that course of tonight, things will get better. 43 degrees with the high at national; 42, dulles and 40 at bwi-thurgood marshal. and temperatures right now, president much on the cool side. 39 for d.c. 37 in annapolis and warmer at fredericksburg at 40;
6:49 pm
there which, dulles and 32 at hagerstown. that ridge of high pressure holding us dead and that is going to slide off of the coast into tomorrow. we're starting off with sunshine it remember and increasing clouds in the afternoon, keeping a close eye on this system and this is going to move its way in very gradually. it's setting us up for an overnight chance of rain and freezeing rain on sunday, lingering into monday as well and looks like prime article all rain and we're going to keep an eye on that and that is going to be cold as well as into tell night. cold tonight at 26 degrees and light northerly winds, however, and that should be five to 10 miles an hour and not going to hit 20. clear skies and tomorrow, winds shifting from the south and we're not going to get the cold northerly flow. 46 degrees and sun and clouds and in the late hours, as i mentioned, maybe late evening into the overnight hours, primarily, and the best chance to see rain and freezeing rain chance and then another ridge
6:50 pm
that will hold us as we move into tuesday. wednesday, the next system kicks in, we're looking at a chance of mixture of rain and snow and we'll watch that closely and another bit of a break before it kicks in again. we have the series of disturbances and once again, we can't rule out a chance of freezeing precipitation or snow. >> okay. >> and that is off and on. we're still in winter and have to remember it. >> yeah. >> and thank you. >> thank you very much. >> okay. it's not every day you see a moose on the loose but that is what happened in utah when an uninvited guest crashed into residents backyard. the big moose was spotted galavanting from yard-to-yard and sometimes hopping seven- to eight-foot fences and walls. wildlife officials were able to tranquilize the animal. the moose is back in the wild where it belongs. geo gonzalez is in the news for the right reasons. georgetown looks begin the second half in the big east play. and lindsay murphy is up next with sports. ♪
6:51 pm
[ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year.
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6:53 pm
. good evening, i'm lindsay murphy. remember when georgetown started 0-2 in conference play? that slow start is a thing of the past. and that is the 20th-ranked hoyas. and defense, of course, key during the stretch and today against the rutgers team. the hoyas beat 12 of the last 14 meetings and we start in the first half. auto porter jr. on the wing dives and dunks giving the
6:54 pm
hoyas a two-point lead in the early going. later, porter plays the pass to smith-rivera for the lay-in and had 13 points off of the bench. the game was tied at 33 at will half. and rutgers down 3 until eli clark hit the rainbow 3-pointer and clark, a game high 23 points. less than eight minutes to go now, the hoyas down 1 and nate lubick and goes ahead to starks for the wide open lay-up. starks 20 points and the hoyas back in front by one point w. less than a minute and a half left, starks inside to porter and he hangs, banks it in and draws a foul. porter with 19 points, 14 in the second half to go along with 49 rebounds and georgetown defeats rutgers 69-53 for the fifth straight win. and mike lonagan and gw looking for an upset of 14th-ranked butler this afternoon. second half, gue -- guarino turns it over and to let left side, stops and pops to three is good. butler built a 17-point lead
6:55 pm
and gw does rally. the final minute, the deficit down to 5 and smith misses in the lane. the battle for the rebound and tipping it in finally. the colonials full -- pull to within 3. the one-possession game and under a minute to g. four seconds left, gw down 3. the inbound bound to joe mcdonald and loses the ball. appears to be fouled and kroma unable to get the shot off and lonagan want wants the fall and doesn't get the foul and falls to 14th-rank butler, 59-56. and hughet and george mason hosting the delaware blue hens in fairfax and starting in the first half. the patriots trailing by 5. allen gives to okalosha hitting the 3-pointer, the deficit down to two and that is as close as george mason gets. the second half, mason down 6 and jonathan arledge misses from the stop and there is no luck with the rebound. and ahead to -- forward with the dunk and falls to delaware,
6:56 pm
79-72. the tech square off today and the hokies, they would miss the first 10 shots. yes, i said that and scoring the first, seven minutes into the game. eric green down the lane, heaven -3, georgia take late -- tech late in the first half and forces the shot and gets it blocked. the yellowjackets in the other way and the hokies face themselves, down there which-18 at the half. the second half we go, the hokeys on a 15-1 run, led by eric green, he would score nine points during the run and cuts the lead to just 11; however, green would not be able to finish the game suffering from did hydration and had to be attended to on the bench as he was slumped on the teenage shoulder. the nation's leading shoulder had to be held as the hokies lost the sixth great and fell into last place in the acc. and game of the day, ryan and wisconsin hosting third- ranked michigan, two secs to
6:57 pm
go. the badgers down three. the inbounds and let them fly from inside the half-court and that is good at the buzzer. and leaps into a mosh pit and his heroics forcing overtime and tied at 60n.o.t., how about more from him. the shorter 3 and the same results, wisconsin takes the lead by 3 and with less than 40 secs to go and final secs, michigan with a chance to tie. the three and in and out. the badgers get the rebound, time expires. wisconsin takes down number three michigan, 65-62 and in overtime. and the nl east champion nationals are about to open up spring training. pitchers and catchers report on tuesday and report on friday. the first fall full squad workout is planned for next saturday. scott smith will be live from viera beginning next friday. meanwhile, the nats pitcher geo gonzalez accepted an invitation to pitch for team usa in the world baseball classic in march. and the nats loan representative to play for the
6:58 pm
u.s. team. the outfielder will play for the netherlands. both will miss a few weeks of spring training and reports to viera, florida, thursday and will report on march 3rd. the tour this week, pebble beach on the monterey peninsula and who doesn't want to be there new? ladies, i know you do. actor bill murray a fan favorite at this event and hitting on the 15th hole. showers the gallery with goodies. i think thinking the peanut. get it? the peanut gallery and last week, phil mickleson won the phoenix open and he was not winning much as he falls on his backside and is 1-under and 11 shots back. and finished sec last week to mcelson and carves the third straight, 4-under 68 and taxed with a lead and with james kahn. >> the rest of california is freezeing and that is beautiful. >> yeah. >> a bit? >> and that is it for us. we're back at 10 for the news edge len.
6:59 pm

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